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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Medulla?

A. Medulla is a computer software used to create and keep database of the medico legal reports.

Q. What are the benefits of using Medulla software to create medico legal reports?

A. Medulla software cuts down the repetitive tasks of writing the name, designation, place of posting, police station etc. by the medical officer. Lot of information (patient name, address, police information ) written by Medical officer on the paper MLR's can be reduced by using the Software based MLR's.Additionaly Software based solution can provide checks and balances to avoid unintended errors by the Medical Doctors.

Q. I can type my reports on my computer and take printouts.Why I need Medulla software to create medico legal reports?

A. Medulla software is designed to cut short the time required to generate medico legal reports as compared to typing, Moreover with facilities like database backup, export function for reports and sending data to central record server makes your medico legal case Data much more safe which can be retrived anytime in case your computer crashes or is stolen. 

Q. What is the legal validity of the computer generated/typed medico legal reports?

A. Computer generated / typed reports are fully acceptable by the courts and law after the implementation of IT Act 2000 In India. Some high courts and lower courts has asked Govt. to computerized the medico legal work in hospitals and have been asking for typed reports and affidavits. Many Govt. Hospital in Delhi and Haryana are providing printed post mortem reports.

Q. What are the chances of tampering with the computerized medico legal Data or reports?

A. Tampering of computer software based Medico Legal Records is much more difficult to do. A clock embedded in the software programs indicates the precise time and date of an entry, which makes it impossible to make a backdate information to make it look as it was entered earlier. Software programs contains a feature that makes an entry unalterable after a time or event. The typical method is to make an entry unchangable after it is verified and finalized.

Q. Is the Medico Legal reports available on the web and who can access medico legal Data or reports?

A. Yes, the medico legal reports can be made available on the secured website.Since the medico legal reports are confidential and accessible to the authorized users only. To login to the website , a valid userid and password is required. 



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